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We’re very happy to announce that Mark Vessey has been selected to take part in Art Without Walls, the UK’s largest outdoor art gallery. To launch Art Without Walls CAMPARI has joined forces with Affordable Art Fair – covering the streets of East London for two weeks from 14 June 2021, with vibrant art to support artists, independent galleries and inspire the nation. 

After a year of gallery closures that hit artists and galleries hard, and cut the country off from a source of creative inspiration, CAMPARI and the Affordable Art Fair are repurposing space across London that would normally house adverts to instead exhibit 500 original works from independent galleries across the country.

By combining digital screens, posters and projections in high footfall locations, the gallery will generate the same amount of exposure per artwork as if it were hanging in the Tate Modern – the UK’s most popular cultural destination – for a week.

All of the artwork will be available to buy via a QR link, which will take you directly to the Art Without Walls collection on the Affordable Art Fair site – with 100% of the proceeds going to the art industry. 

Look out for Vessey’s incredible photographs in the locations below!