Xenz is one of the UK’s best loved street artists and has enjoyed successful solo and group shows worldwide. He was commissioned by the makers of Dr Who to paint the Tardis in 2015 and invited by Banksy to paint in his Walled Off Hotel in Palestine in 2017. He travels extensively, particularly in Asia, to immerse himself in the beauty of the nature and wildlife that he paints. His approach to painting is partly inspired by Asian art, particularly the impressionistic brush stokes used in Chinese painting.

His artistic roots are in graffiti which he first took up in his home town of Hull in 1987 and over a two decades career became the foundation for his extraordinary painting and draughtsmanship skills. Today he is based in Rome where he works as a studio-based artist and muralist. He says ‘I love to create infinite depth, to divide a surface with a few lines, stand back and keep dividing it up until I can walk into it.’