MArk Vessey - Vintage Vogue - St Pancras

We offer consultancy to individuals and corporates alike, no project too large or small.  One of our most recent corporate projects has been working with the St Pancras Hotel in London.  Recently restored back to all its Victorian Gothic glory by Manhattan Loft Corporation, St Pancras re-opened in 2011 and immediately became the top luxury 5* hotel destination for London.

The hotel quickly established itself to have a true cultural edge with a collection of over £1m of original artworks by top international names on display to its guests and patrons.  Working closely with the Directors we advised and assisted with the addition of works to the collection for their Chambers Suites, Chambers Club, and Royal Suite, as well as in proximity to the famous Grand Staircase.

We were delighted to further assist with the inaugural publication by St Pancras Editions of the elegant silkscreen edition ‘Jean Harlow’ by Gerald Laing.  Launched to great acclaim, this piece features luxurious hand-applied Italian platinum leaf and silver dollar foil and now resides in the collections of many established Pop Art collectors.  Contact us for more details.