Waleska Nomura is purely self taught, allowing her natural creativity and flair for colour to evolve in her distinctive work. Her motivation is to produce work very much akin to her personal ethos incorporating messages of love, friendship and family. Waleska began her artistic career as a graffiti writer in Sao Paulo, Brazil, a world-renowned graffiti centre. She moved to London in 2002 where she continued to paint walls but became drawn to more figurative and character based work, leading to interest from London galleries and successful group exhibitions.

In 2006 she undertook her first solo project in Sao Paulo with the show ‘Spreading The Love And Expanding The Mind’. For this she painted the walls of the gallery space with each conveying a moral or spiritual message about which she felt strongly. She further created street installations incorporating cut-out characters that interacted with the street environment, something she repeated in several countries thereafter. Waleska’s 2009 London solo show ‘Moving On’ focused on figurative themes and scenes of family and friendship and debuted her acclaimed ‘A Heart In Love’ series. This series brought her further critical acclaim and interest from collectors worldwide.

Recently Waleska has moved on to mixed media and her originality again shines through. Painting backgrounds and hand-making each individual piece of the work using fimo, Waleska has again chosen themes true to her heart. With her ‘Skull’ series she shows that while a skull is clearly a symbol of death, it is also one of life so does not have to be negative or macabre. The vibrancy, colour and many facets further evoke the life of the person and the memories within.

Waleska’s new medium has proven hugely popular with international collectors and her work is often hailed as the most striking piece at fairs and exhibitions.