Ross Holden is a master of observation, using wittily chosen iconography and commentary and manipulating the images into a striking mandala format, reminiscent of a camera aperture or a witnessing eye.

Fascinated by the way familiar yet fleeting images can be made to sum up a situation, whether it be the first impressions of a tourist on visiting a new place or the way that the same few minutes of constantly-repeated TV footage come to represent a whole conflict, Holden crafts photographs into beautiful mosaics of colour and pattern to challenge and subvert the repetitive and streamlined conventions of a media age that favours presentation over content.

Highly trained in illustration and fine art, London-based Holden has been commissioned by many publications including The Observer, The Guardian, The Big Issue, Esquire and New Scientist. He recently joined the prestigious ranks of artists including Man Ray, David Hockney and Paul Nash in receiving the commission from Transport for London to design and illustrate their promotional campaigns, his campaign being one of the few times an artist has been granted permission to alter the iconic London Underground logo.

Holden has enjoyed successful solo and group exhibitions and his work been exhibited at international art fairs.