Marcos Torres is immensely popular in his native Spain and has garnered a strong international following, working with silkscreens to produce his stunning, vibrant and original prints.

Torres’s style is clearly influenced by Pop, the artist recognizing that it is no coincidence that his style has its origin in one of the most luminous, passionate and colourful periods in art history. Yet while he shares the parallel of popular culture images from the cinema, advertising, fashion, television and comics, he is not an imitator and resents a ‘retro’ stereotype. Each of his images takes a journey of its own, beginning with an inspiration, always reaching an unscripted ending that surprises even the artist himself.

Torres’s passion is inescapable throughout his work, which brims with enthusiasm for his medium and subject:

“The extreme passion and emotion that I put in the process is what I try to ‘fix’ in the pieces, and my biggest determination is that the pieces are capable of transmitting it”

Highly trained in drawing, design and photography, Torres has exhibited his silkscreen work in highly successful solo and group shows throughout Europe. He has also produced a number of visual identities for bands, music festivals and books, and recently designed a series of t-shirts for the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao.