Exclusive New Work by Jann Haworth


Exclusive New Work by Jann Haworth

We have long been fans of the work of Jann Haworth and the important role she has had in art history. We first showed her work in 2008 and this year have been working closely with her to produce the most beautiful set of paintings.


Jann Haworth was one of the founders of the original Pop Art movement. She is best known for co-creating the iconic Beatles Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band album cover, a joint project for which she and Peter Blake each won a Grammy. She continues to create and exhibit her work all over the world and is regularly featured in important museum Pop retrospectives.


Jann was a pioneer of soft sculpture and the donut has been her recurring Pop theme, her own pastiche of traditional still life. For the first time ever Jann has painted her iconic donuts on paper and we couldn’t be more excited about showing these for the first time at the AAF this week.

Each is a unique piece, signed by the artist, has a hand-torn hole in the middle, is conservation framed and wonderfully titled. The chance to add a true piece of Pop Art history to your collection.